Our work focuses mainly on addressing the security, reliability (quality of service (QoS) and resource management) and application requirements of these emerging wireless technologies. Specifically, we work on:

  • Vulnerability analysis of WiFi, WiMAX, Ad Hoc wireless, RFID/NFC, Sensor (WSN – Wireless Sensor Networks and WBAN – Wireless Body Area Networks) and Smartphone networks
  • Design of Cryptographic algorithms for group key management in resource-constrained networks
  • Design of security best practices, risk mitigation and analysis, and design of intrusion detection / prevention mechanisms
  • Enhancement of QoS in 3G+ wireless networks, optical burst switching techniques for QoS, and performance analysis of wireless networks
  • Design and analysis of security mechanisms for the cloud
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of smartphone applications

   We are also grateful to our industry partners:

  • Cistel Technology
  • Sanstream Technologies
  • Techmologies Sanstream
  • Wi4Tech Inc., a startup company founded out of MYTechLab
  • EyeRead (a subsidiary of Norex.ca)
  • ExactDeposit Inc.
  • Norex.ca
  • HealthQR Inc.
  • eOLIO Inc.
  • HomeSafeLiving Inc.
  • Progeny Software
  • ViTRAK Systems, PEI
  • SheepdogInc.ca
  • DSM Telecom, Halifax
  • Solution Inc., Halifax
  • Sheepdog Inc., Halifax
  • Timeless Medical, Charlottetown, PEI 

Our work has been mainly funded by: