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Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley is a desktop / web program that can be used to assist in your research. It is called a “reference manager and an academic social network”.
You can organize research papers, share them with your research group, annotate documents, find meta-data about the paper automatically (yes! the software actually searches the web and finds information about the paper you are reading – AND – you can get the metadata in the format you want for citation!!), and so much more. This is a truly fantastic research tool! Try it out.
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If you don’t like to use MS Word for all your research related writing, but don’t want to use a command line version of LaTeX too, you can settle for a very good compromise! Here’s TeXstudio, a LaTeX editor – it is cross-platform and open source.
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“Research Methods by Dummies”

This seems to be an interesting collection of resources for research methods and experimental designs. Covers almost all the topics (and more) from our syllabus. Feel free to check it out.
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Research Methods Knowledge Base

This is another very nice resource for understanding the various concepts of research design, but the explanation is more geared towards social sciences research. However, the concepts are explained very well. For more information, visit: